Mister Negative and Other Stories

Mr N webThe story “Chasing Kerouac” depicts one man’s obsession with finding a lost piece of writing by author Jack Kerouac, an obsession that takes him hundreds of miles with a friend to visit complete strangers.

“Neighbors” revolves around another man’s less constructive obsession with what goes on behind a neighbor’s closed doors.

“A Perfect World” is the story of a girl who travels to a world where everything is perfect. What would that look like? What would it mean?

“The Deity” addresses the question of what a universe with a loving supreme being would look like. And what if that being died?

“Mister Negative”, a no-holds barred attack on political correctness, is the story of a man who says what he thinks no matter what happens or whom he offends. Of this story, the longest in the collection, Robert says, “This one was cathartic to write. I got to get out and let go of some ‘negativity’ I’d been holding in for a long time—in a comedic way, of course. If only we could all be as free and bold as Mister Negative, we’d probably all feel a lot better!”

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Visits With Catholicism

From Robert Peate, author of Visits With Catholicism:

VwC WebIn the summer of 2011, for my teaching career, I took the classes necessary to be ESL certified. One of these, the Impact of Language and Culture in the Classroom, was led by an excellent instructor, who gave us the assignment to visit “cultures”, or subcultures, with which we were uncomfortable. I chose religion in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular. As my instructor was Catholic, she was able to recommend churches to visit. I decided, for contrast, to visit the most “liberal” and “conservative” churches in Portland, Oregon. The experience taught me a great deal, even that those terms were flawed. As I told my professor, “You have accomplished true education, enlightening me.” This is the paper I got out of those visits, featuring the addenda “Prayer and the Virgin Mary” and “My Views on the Universe”.

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The Recovery: Yeshua After Crucifixion

Recovery webDid you ever wonder what happened to Yeshua after he was crucified? Join author Robert Peate as he attempts to cut through 2,000 years of lies, using the latest science to offer what he views as the likeliest scenario in the context of a great story!

“The World is slow to understand, and easily deceived. It thinks it sees things it does not, and it believes what it is told. Someone is telling them things that are not true.”

Sometime about 30 AD, a charismatic leader in Judea named Yeshua was sentenced to death. He had threatened neither Rome nor the king in name only Herod. But he had trespassed on the area of the local religious authority, with greater effect than innumerable other street preachers. The Pharisees demanded his death. Herod did not want to get involved, but Rome was ever interested in stability and obliged to bring it about without emotion. The Pharisees were satisfied. But the plan went awry: Yeshua was not killed. This play is Robert Peate’s vision of what Yeshua did next, based on the latest medical and scientific data available. Christians: dare you test your faith?

This play presents a much more likely scenario than divine intervention, let alone resurrection.

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Sisyphus Shrugged

“I think we need to be beholden to each other.”

SS webThe second strike is on.

This sequel/rebuttal to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged tells the astounding story of what happened in society after John Galt’s declaration of independence. As America suffers capitalism run amok, journalist Evelyn Riley uncovers a mystery that takes her on a quest from slave-wage New York to the burned-out ruins of Detroit and beyond. The return of John Galt will cause repercussions for America and the World.

John Galt’s strike of business leaders opposed to the overbearing leftist Thompson Administration resulted in a pendulum swing rightward. The Administration was defeated in the next elections by Richard “Rick” West, a fierce opponent of organized labor. He began to end regulations, social programs, and the taxes to pay for them, despite the outcry of those whose lives depended on them. Death, disease, and crime increased dramatically. The survivors slave away at two or three jobs a day without unions, safety standards, weekends, or a minimum wage.

Evelyn Riley was one of the last to obtain a decent job before the changes hit. A political liberal, she abhors what has been done to America by West and his successor, David Lang. She supported Lang’s opponent, Laurence Sterling, in the most recent election. Sterling, a liberal, vowed to restore America’s labor laws and standards, progressive taxation, and the social programs for which America had been known the World over. Elected over the intense opposition of Lang’s supporters, Sterling will take office in a matter of weeks.

One day in January 2029, mere days before the Sterling inauguration, Evelyn’s boss shares a rumor from a friend in the Government: both productivity and absenteeism at Admirable Motors, one of the two remaining car companies in Detroit, have increased in recent months. Intrigued and asked to investigate, Evelyn embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Little does she know that John Galt is planning his return to fight Sterling, or that this time labor is not going to stand idly by. A new generation of labor leaders is preparing an action and a prescription of its own.

The many who discovered Robert Peate’s The Recovery to be one of the most original and challenging stories in years will find in Sisyphus Shrugged an equally original and uncompromising view of how to govern the physical world presented with the same storytelling power.

Of this work, Robert says, “It is my goal, with this work, to provide not only a sequel but a rebuttal, to show Rand’s limits and flaws for the betterment of society. In contrast to John Galt, I live for Humanity, and I ask Humanity to live for me (and for everyone else). I say the World owes everyone a living. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not share my morality.”

Join Evelyn Riley as she learns that with change comes danger.

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