Mister Negative and Other Stories

Mr N webThe story “Chasing Kerouac” depicts one man’s obsession with finding a lost piece of writing by author Jack Kerouac, an obsession that takes him hundreds of miles with a friend to visit complete strangers.

“Neighbors” revolves around another man’s less constructive obsession with what goes on behind a neighbor’s closed doors.

“A Perfect World” is the story of a girl who travels to a world where everything is perfect. What would that look like? What would it mean?

“The Deity” addresses the question of what a universe with a loving supreme being would look like. And what if that being died?

“Mister Negative”, a no-holds barred attack on political correctness, is the story of a man who says what he thinks no matter what happens or whom he offends. Of this story, the longest in the collection, Robert says, “This one was cathartic to write. I got to get out and let go of some ‘negativity’ I’d been holding in for a long time—in a comedic way, of course. If only we could all be as free and bold as Mister Negative, we’d probably all feel a lot better!”

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Visits With Catholicism

From Robert Peate, author of Visits With Catholicism:

VwC WebIn the summer of 2011, for my teaching career, I took the classes necessary to be ESL certified. One of these, the Impact of Language and Culture in the Classroom, was led by an excellent instructor, who gave us the assignment to visit “cultures”, or subcultures, with which we were uncomfortable. I chose religion in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular. As my instructor was Catholic, she was able to recommend churches to visit. I decided, for contrast, to visit the most “liberal” and “conservative” churches in Portland, Oregon. The experience taught me a great deal, even that those terms were flawed. As I told my professor, “You have accomplished true education, enlightening me.” This is the paper I got out of those visits, featuring the addenda “Prayer and the Virgin Mary” and “My Views on the Universe”.

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