Mister Negative and Other Stories

Mr N webThe story “Chasing Kerouac” depicts one man’s obsession with finding a lost piece of writing by author Jack Kerouac, an obsession that takes him hundreds of miles with a friend to visit complete strangers.

“Neighbors” revolves around another man’s less constructive obsession with what goes on behind a neighbor’s closed doors.

“A Perfect World” is the story of a girl who travels to a world where everything is perfect. What would that look like? What would it mean?

“The Deity” addresses the question of what a universe with a loving supreme being would look like. And what if that being died?

“Mister Negative”, a no-holds barred attack on political correctness, is the story of a man who says what he thinks no matter what happens or whom he offends. Of this story, the longest in the collection, Robert says, “This one was cathartic to write. I got to get out and let go of some ‘negativity’ I’d been holding in for a long time—in a comedic way, of course. If only we could all be as free and bold as Mister Negative, we’d probably all feel a lot better!”

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