The Recovery: Yeshua After Crucifixion

Recovery webDid you ever wonder what happened to Yeshua after he was crucified? Join author Robert Peate as he attempts to cut through 2,000 years of lies, using the latest science to offer what he views as the likeliest scenario in the context of a great story!

“The World is slow to understand, and easily deceived. It thinks it sees things it does not, and it believes what it is told. Someone is telling them things that are not true.”

Sometime about 30 AD, a charismatic leader in Judea named Yeshua was sentenced to death. He had threatened neither Rome nor the king in name only Herod. But he had trespassed on the area of the local religious authority, with greater effect than innumerable other street preachers. The Pharisees demanded his death. Herod did not want to get involved, but Rome was ever interested in stability and obliged to bring it about without emotion. The Pharisees were satisfied. But the plan went awry: Yeshua was not killed. This play is Robert Peate’s vision of what Yeshua did next, based on the latest medical and scientific data available. Christians: dare you test your faith?

This play presents a much more likely scenario than divine intervention, let alone resurrection.

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